Death Died When Christ Arose!

This Sunday at Harvest in Riverside, I will be speaking on the meaning of Easter. I hope you can join us for one of our four services—5:45 A.M., 7:45 A.M., 9:45 A.M., and 11:45 A.M. They will also be webcast live at ***************************************** It was June 18, 1815—the Battle of Waterloo, the decisive moment of the Napoleonic Wars. The French, under the command of Napoleon, were fighting the allied forces of the British, Dutch, and Germans, under the command . . . read more ›

Good Friday

A blessed Good Friday to all of you! Why do we call it “Good” when such a bad thing happened, namely the death of Jesus? For that matter, how could it be a good thing that God in human form would die such a tragic death? We could apply the same question to tragedy in our own lives. Why did this happen? Can anything good ever come out of it? We call this day Good Friday because the greatest good . . . read more ›

Who crucified Jesus?

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all your comments. It’s always good to know that people are reading what you have to say. I just received a comment from Randy, who watched one of our Easter webcasts: “I do have one question, who actually crucified Christ? Was it the Romans, as I have always believed, or was it the Jewish people?” Well, Randy, that’s a great question. Who crucified Jesus? Maybe the question should be, who didn’t crucify Jesus? The . . . read more ›

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday! This is a special day on the Christian calendar when we remember the death of Jesus Christ for each of us on the cross. It was here that God and man were reconciled once again. Here at the Cross, God’s righteous demands were satisfied. Here, what was lost in the garden was regained again. Here, a crippling and decisive blow was dealt against Satan and his minions. Here, our Salvation was purchased. We can never talk . . . read more ›